Safety Information and Forms

Important information and paperwork for all involved with the Club.

There is no higher priority for the club than the safety of its members and other users of the facilities and river. The start of a ten year project to increase participation makes it vital the club has a clear safety plan; so newcomers to the sport are aware of the risks and the correct response to them. This page provides links to a number of documents directly related to the risks associated with rowing at ABC, and the procedures put in place to reduce the likelihood and severity of any incidents. Links are also provided to some other sites dedicated to rowing safely.

  • Hazard Analysis & Risk Control (.pdf)
  • Rules of the River (.pdf)
  • Waterborne Diseases (.pdf) and British Rowing - Row Safe - Section 5.3 (see links below)
  • Impaired Visibility & Night Rowing Rules (.pdf)
  • Qualification of Coxes (.pdf)
  • Launch Driver Qualifications & Rules (.pdf)
  • Incident Reporting Form (.pdf) and (.docx)
  • Incident Reporting Poster (.pdf)
  • Inter Company Row Safety Plan (.pdf)
  • Capsize drill (weblink)

Scottish Rowing links:

British Rowing links:

Award Information and Forms

  • Sculling award forms (.pdf)
  • British rowing capsize immersion drill (.pdf)