Head Of River Races | 22 Nov

While the conditions were not great on the Saturday with rain & wind for both divisions there was a improvement on the Sunday with the sun even making an brief appearance!

ABC had the following wins:- 14 wins in total:

  1. M Open 4x- (Composite) ABC with RGU & Runcorn
  2. M Open Vet 4+ Ron Wallace, Jim Steel, Dan Davidson, Richard Mathieson Coxed By Fiona Wark
  3. W Nov 4+ Hannah Wagner, Alexandra Wann, Rachel Shirreffs, Debbie Taylor, Coxed By Liz Dawson
  4. W Clinker 4+ Catriona Strathie, Carol Bruce, Mhairi Middleton, Rebecca Greensdale, Coxed by Matthew Burnett
  5. M Open 4+ Jack Montgomery, Fraser Christie, Iain Pritchard, Fraser Christie Coxed By Joel Tracey
  6. W R2 4+ Kate Jones, Naomi Paterson, Becka Will, Julie Tuck, Coxed By Rob Hamilton
  7. M Clinker 4+ Richard Barrett, Andy Strachan, Brendan Garvin, Greg Williams Coxed By Alexandra Wann
  8. M Open 1x Gary Wilson
  9. M Open 2x Fraser Christie, Joel Tracey
  10. M Open 2- Jack Montgomery, Calum Thirwell
  11. M Vet 1x Richard Mathieson
  12. W Vet 2x Stephanie MacDowell, Louise Kelly
  13. M Nov 1x Joel Tracey
  14. W R2 1x Kerryn Meston

Well done to all - it was great to see everyone racing.